Intro to clay:

In the workshop, you will learn about hand building techniques (forming, slabbing, pinching).
Each one will create his/her own object and decorate it with colors.
When the project is finished you will leave it in my studio so he can get dry,
your project will be dipped in clear glaze, fired in my kiln and will be ready for pick up after 2 weeks.
– The workshop is in English
– No need to bring special clothes
– Please be on time or a bit before
– The workshop will go ahead with a minimum of 5 participants
– We strongly encourage you to register as class size is limited to 9 people per class

– No experience is necessary – the workshop is intended for beginners but is also suitable for the more experienced.

– We offer a relaxed and supportive environment

– Small groups.





Are you looking for new ways to learn new skills and expand your creativity? Maybe you are also searching for a meeting point of like-minded creatives, to grow and evolve together. These are the kind of wishes that I have myself. That’s why I decided to set up Kesemy Design Hosts.

I am a ceramic designer and for the past 15 years I’ve done many workshops and led courses on working with clay on different levels. What strikes me every time is how people leave the workshop having gained so much more than just a new skill: inspiration, connection with the other participants, fresh ideas, feedback on their work. The list is endless. This is why I decided to bring more people together in this adventure.

Kesemy Design Hosts is a platform that brings together people from different walks of life with a common denominator: creativity. Workshops on art, design, different types of crafts and even lifestyle will inspire you to look at your creative process and life in general through a new lens. At each workshop a different story unfolds, and new insights are offered.

Modern lifestyle doesn’t allow for much space to experience new things, as most of us are stuck in a rut, from home to dropping of the kids, to work. It doesn’t allow for meeting new people with common interests either. Or everything happens online. We spend our whole day slouched in front of a computer, moving only our fingertips. On our days off the smartphone often replaces the work laptop. Things can be different.

By joining workshops that allow you to explore different creative mediums you use your body as well as your mind. Getting to know different materials and textures wakes up your senses and you can get closer to a mind-body balance. Additionally, you get to meet and interact with people in real life, not behind a screen. Refreshing, isn’t it?




The workshop is being held at the Kesemy design shop & studio in Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

Korte koningsstraat 21

1011EX Amsterdam

The studio is located in the center of Amsterdam, 200 meters from the market square Nieuwmarkt, 100 meters from Nieuwmarkt Metro station and 5 min walk from Central Station.




The price for the 2.5 hours workshop is 29 euro, including all materials, tea and cookies

*Price raised on January 2020




Hi there, I’m Kesem,

I’m a ceramic designer and the owner and designer of Kesemy design,

My studio has been launched in Amsterdam in 2009 and since then I’m creating unique handmade ceramic pieces.

I studied Ceramic design and Industrial design in Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem Israel and I’m working with clay and teaching for more then15 years. I was an Instructor and teacher of ceramics in my own studio for many years, teaching children and adults, and also working as a teacher and instructor for ceramic in a couple of institutes.

In my studio and shop I create a small series from clay using different techniques; wheel throwing, molds and hand building techniques, I work with a great sense for aesthetics and each item is a unique handcrafted piece of art for me. Every piece is special and when seen them in person, you can appreciate the detailing and attention in it.




Working with clay is first of all FUN, this workshop is an introduction to the ceramic and clay world, it helps develop your creativity and skills in a relaxed atmosphere. The possibility to touch and work with your hands; besides being fun, can be ideal for therapeutic purposes for many reasons.

-Its allow people to use and discover their creativity

-Stimulates imagination

-Develop idea from scratch to an end, and experience the process of making it

-Working with clay gives you the ability to build something, create something new by your self

-It can assist with the development of motor skills and physical coordination

-Develops your focus and can increase the concentration

-Release energies into the clay, and turn this energy into a creative object




We reserve the right to cancel classes if the minimum enrollment is not reached.

Full tuition will be returned if the class is not conducted.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund if you notify us 8 days before class begins.

The fee is transferable to another class if you notify us 8 days before class begins.

No refund or transfer if you give no notice (‘no show’).




We can custom the perfect party workshop for you, that suits your skill level and your availability, contact us at

Creative workshops for companies/Bedrijfsuitjes


Creative workshops for companies (team recreation)

At Kesemy design we offer to customize creative workshops for companies and small businesses, the workshop can come in a couple of formats, from 2 hours workshop to a half-day activity.

The purposes of those workshops are first of all to have a fun day out of work in a relaxed atmosphere. It gives your co-workers the opportunity to get to know each other better, which can improve interaction and communication at work.

In the workshop, the members of the group will learn the basic techniques of hand building/sculpting with clay, while working closely they will make a clay object/project using these techniques while having fun learning a new skill and developing their creativity.

Contact us at


Party workshop for kids


In this fun creative workshop for kids, they will learn about hand building techniques, each one will create his/her own object (creating an animal, special plate and more) and decorate it with colors. When the project is finished they will leave it in my studio so he can get dry, the project will be dipped in clear glaze, fired in my kiln and will be ready for pick up after 2 weeks.

Minimum is 6 kids, max is 10 kids.

The workshop is one hour and 15 minutes in my studio and shop in Amsterdam.

Age – 6 plus

Contact us at

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