Clay workshops


In my studio, I give different clay workshops for adults and kids.

Every month you can see online the workshops I offer.

The most popular workshop is Handbuilding Clay, where you will learn about hand-building techniques (forming, slabbing, pinching). Then, each one will create their object and decorate it with colors. When the project is finished, you will leave it in my studio so it can get dry. Finally, your project will be dipped in clear glaze, fired in my kiln, and will be ready for pickup after two weeks.


Other workshops I give:

Slip casting workshop

Nerikomi workshop

Weaving & braiding Clay

Slabbing workshop

Design your clay mask

Clay parent and child workshop

family clay mask workshop

painting on tile workshop


-The workshops are in English.

-No need to bring special clothes.

-For all levels, no experience is necessary. The workshop is intended for beginners but is also suitable for the more experienced.

-Please be on time or a bit before

-I strongly encourage you to register as the class size is limited to 10 people per class, and my workshops are popular

-I offer a relaxed and supportive environment.



Kesemy design studio in Nieuwmarkt area.

Korte koningsstraat 21, 1011EX Amsterdam.

please pay attention that the street is Korte koningsstraat and not Koningsstraat



My studio is in the center of Amsterdam – 200 meters from Nieuwmarkt,

100 meters from Nieuwmarkt Metro station and a 10 min walk from the Central station.

Nieuwmarkt Metro station- lines 51, 53, and 54 have a stop at this station.

(Exit Nieuwmarkt and Koningsstraat).


Meet your instructor

Hi, I am Kesem, a ceramic designer and a Creative Coach.

I’ve been working with Clay for the last 20 years. I run my Amsterdam Clay studio, making small-batch ceramics collections and working B2B with European shops.

I have been teaching for 20 years. I gave different clay workshops and hosted many groups for their team-building events and party workshops at my studio in Amsterdam.

So, I bring my rich experience with Clay and creativity to every workshop.

Besides that, I’m also a life & Creativity coach and studying to become a Clay Therapist.

I am looking forward to seeing you in my studio.



Cancellation policy

I reserve the right to cancel classes if the minimum enrollment is not reached.

Full tuition will be returned if the class is not conducted.

Full refund if you notify me 8 days before class begins.

The fee is transferable to another class if you inform me 8 days before class begins.

No refund or transfer if you give no notice (‘no show’).


Clay workshops for groups and team building

What do I offer?

Clay workshops for Groups, companies, Team building, Bedrijfsuitjes.

Clay Party workshops.

Clay Custom workshops.

All workshops are taking place in my studio in Amsterdam center.


I can customize the perfect workshop that suits your skill level and availability. The workshop can come in a couple of formats, from 2 hours workshop to a half-day activity.


The purposes of those workshops are to have a fun time with your friends or colleague in a relaxed atmosphere and learn about clay and the different techniques. In addition, it allows the group to get to know each other better, improving interaction and communication at work.


Party workshop for kids

In this fun creative workshop for kids, they will learn about hand-building techniques, and each one will

create their object (creating a mask, animal, special plate, and more) and decorate it with colors.

When the project is finished, they will leave it in my studio so it can dry; the project will be dipped in clear glaze, fired in my kiln, and ready for pickup after two weeks.

The minimum is 8 kids, and the max is 12 kids.

The workshop is between 1-2 hours in my studio and shop in Amsterdam.

Age – 7 plus


Please email me, and I will let you know what the possibilities are

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