Nerikomi & mixed techniques workshop, July 2, Tuesday, 18:30 – 20:30


This is an introduction to the Nerikomi technique. You will learn how to create the different patterns, and you will make your plate using Nerikomi and a mix of other techniques like marbling and clay mix.

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Nerikomi & Mixed Techniques Workshop


Nerikomi Is a Japanese hand-building pattern technique using colored clay.

‘Neri’ means to mix or blend, and ‘Komi’ means to press. You mix colored clay and then press it together.

The first step is preparing the colored clay, where you mix pigments and stains into the clay.

Then you layered it in different orders and patterns to create a block of clay. After, you slice the block into thin layers. Finally, you make a pattern in a repetitive (or abstract) way from these slices.

This is an introduction to the Nerikomi technique, you will learn how to create the different patterns, and you will make your plate using Nerikomi and a mix of other techniques (Like marbling and clay mix). This is an exciting and satisfying technique, and making it is so fun.

When the project is finished, you will leave it in my studio to get dry. Then, your project will be dipped in clear glaze, fired in my kiln, and will be ready for pickup after two weeks.


What can you make? 

One plate with the Nerikomi technique.


What’s included in the price?

The colored Clay, the use of the Studio tools, transparent glaze, underglaze colors, two firing to finish your object, and tea & cookies.


-The workshop is in English.

-No need to bring special clothes.

-For all levels. The workshop is intended for beginners but is also suitable for the more experienced.

-Please be on time or a bit before.

-I strongly encourage you to register, as the class size is limited to 10 people per class.

-I offer a relaxed and supportive environment.


Group size: 8-10 people

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Kesemy design studio in Nieuwmarkt area

Korte koningsstraat 21 1011EX Amsterdam.

*** Please pay attention that the street is Korte koningsstraat and NOT koningsstraat.



The price for the 2 hours workshop is 65 euros, including all materials, tea, and cookies.


Meet your instructor

Hi, I am Kesem, a ceramic designer and a Creative Coach.

I’ve been working with Clay for the last 20 years. I run my Amsterdam Clay studio, making small-batch ceramics collections and working B2B with European shops.

 I have been teaching for 20 years. I gave different clay workshops and hosted many groups for their team-building events and party workshops at my studio in Amsterdam. So I bring my rich experience with Clay and creativity to every workshop. 

I am looking forward to seeing you in my studio.




My studio is in the center of Amsterdam,

200 meters from Nieuwmarkt,

100 meters from Nieuwmarkt Metro station and a 10 min walk from the Central station.

Nieuwmarkt Metro station- lines 51, 53, and 54 have a stop at this station.

(Exit Nieuwmarkt and Koningsstraat).


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and a full refund can be obtained if you notify us eight days before class begins.

The fee is transferable to another workshop if you inform us eight days before class begins.

No refund or transfer if you give no notice (‘no show’).



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