Ceramic sand sculpture, Scented hanger


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Ceramic sand sculpture, Scented hanger

Exclusive ceramic sand sculpture, handmade by Kesemy Design together with

OF THE ISLANDS Essential Oil blend.


Scent the ceramic with 5 or more drops of oil. The oil will penetrate the nude ceramic to diffuse a delicate aroma.

Leave it at your desk as you work, Hang it on a wall in your closet, or put it in a drawer to create a beautiful atmosphere.

This beautiful ceramic scented hanger comes with a touch of gold, this gold luster is made of particles of real gold and applied on the glazed piece.

is ready to use, comes with one Essential Oil Blend in a beautiful white box.


To use:

Scent the ceramic with 5 or more drops of oil (on the part that is not glazed) Oil will penetrate the nude ceramic to diffuse delicate aroma anywhere you like.

Essential Oil Blend: 10ml

Daring essential oil blend featuring juniper berry and fir is like a walk in the Dutch dunes on a sunny day.

Breath in deeply, the scent is uplifting, fresh, and calming. Detoxifying for both mind and spirit. Use a few drops also in your bath, or on a shower floor for an aromatherapy experience.

(Do not apply neat to the skin.)


Ingredients: Essential oils of Siberian fir, juniper berry, wild mint, bay leaf, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, lavender, ginger.


The pieces are handmade, meaning that each one is slightly different.

Diameter hanger: about 10 cm


handmade at Kesemy design studio in Amsterdam



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