Branch Box A


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The Branch box collection is a group of ceramic boxes with branch handles; the idea behind this project was inspired by Amsterdam’s forest landscape in the winter.

I collect the branches in countries I have traveled around the world, in the forest and the beach; to each branch I create a special shaped box that fits him, I peal and send the branches until they are smooth and ready to use as a handle. The boxes for me are a simplicity reminder to nature, innocence combination of “cold” ceramic and warm wood, the forest in the winter or the sunny sandy beach in the summer, through that craftsmanship I create the connection between form, function and color.

Handmade piece

All pieces are handmade, meaning that each one is slightly different.

Current processing time is about one week

Please see our FAQ for current shipping prices to your country.

Dimensions 7.5 × 17 cm



light blue glaze


designed and produced in Amsterdam at Kesemy design studio & shop


Daily wash preferably by hand.


our products are packed in stable cardboard boxes, specially designed for shipping worldwide

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