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Kesemy Design handmade ceramics

Every Kesemy design product is handmade. being a small-scale ceramic studio means being involved in every aspect of the making process. I’m designing, sketching, slip casting, slab building and throwing on the wheel. every bit of clay passes through my hands. This gives me the opportunity to fine tune each piece and create a beautiful product.

  • Winter sale, November 18
    I would like to invite you all to my  Winter SALE. You’ll discover great deals on new and old items that make lovely gifts for your loved ones. November 18, Saturday 11:00 – 17:00 see you in the studio  
  • About creatives and support
      Artists and creatives play a vital role in society by inspiring and shaping the world through their unique perspectives and expressions. Creativity involves developing new ideas, concepts, and solutions, and art is the expression of human creativity. However, pursuing a career in the arts can be challenging, as artists often face constant criticism and …
  • Some thoughts about the urge to break
    1. I’m carefully unloading the kiln, holding a tray, and filling it with new, delicate, glazed, and shiny ceramic pieces. I’m thrilled, like any time that I’m pleased with ready new works. The tray is full of ceramic pieces, I’m turning to place it on my working table, one wrong movement, and everything falls and …
  • The benefits of working with clay
    Why you should join a clay workshop? Working with clay is, first of all, fun, the possibility to touch the clay and work with your hands; besides being fun, it can be ideal for therapeutic purposes for many reasons. I love to release my energies into the clay and turn this energy into a creative …
  • Why do we love tiny stuff?
    Why do we love tiny stuff?   As a ceramic designer, I create pieces in clay, mainly on a small scale. I like to make pieces that can fit in the palm of my hands. For many years, I have made intuitively small pieces because it feels right to me; I love their size and …
  • How to keep yourself safe and healthy in the ceramic studio?
      People always ask me, how come my studio is so clean? First of all, it’s because I’m very organized and love to work in a nice and clean environment, and second because silica is the enemy (smile). Silica is a natural substance in clay, rocks, and sand. When working with clay, we generate dust, …
  • How to run an environmentally responsible ceramic studio?
    I wrote about this in the past, about running a green ceramic studio, and what we can do to reduce the impact of our work on the planet. For the new year, I gathered again the important points of how to run an environmentally responsible ceramic studio. Ceramics is considered to be a friendly and …
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