Ceramic houses (small)


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Handmade ceramic candle light holder in the shape of a house will add a wonderland atmosphere to your home, They are ready to easily hang inside your home on an empty wall; they are designed to make a statement or simply to light the way,

This Ceramic wall candleholder will create a cozy atmosphere at home anytime, and will add a touch of color and a little cheer to your home decor,

You can use it on its own and its fantastic in multiples on a wall for real impact.


Handmade piece

All pieces are handmade, meaning that each one is slightly different.

Current processing time is about one week

Please see our FAQ for current shipping prices to your country.

Dimensions 7 × 12.5 × 5 cm

Daily wash preferably by hand, use dishwasher once in a while for perfect cleaning. Do not microwave


transparant glaze




designed and produced in Amsterdam at Kesemy design studio & shop


our products are packed in stable cardboard boxes, specially designed for shipping worldwide.

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